Technology & 21st Century Learning

Crestomere School was chosen this year to be part of the Understanding 21st Century Skills pilot program in the Wolf Creek School Division.  This means Crestomere School is a leader in Central Alberta regarding technology and technology-based inquiry learning projects.  Check out this site regularly to see what we've been doing at Crestomere School, and how we did it!

What are “21st Century Skills”? They are the content knowledge and applied skills that today’s students need to master to thrive in a continually evolving workplace and society.  These skills include things such as creating from original material and sourced material, collaborating globally and personally, using critical thinking to problem solve with a variety of tools, and communicating thoughts and ideas not to just the teacher, but to a wider, global audience.


Teachnology Based Learning Projects

Click on a link below to access project ideas, how-to guides and more!

Common Craft Videos


Claymation Videos


Mixbook Online Publishing




Image Remixing and Storytelling


Voice Thread

Green Screen Video Productions


Glogster Interactive Posters


Issuu Online Magazines


Digital Portfolios


Video Conferencing


Google Sketch-Up

Web 2.0 Tools - A Symbaloo Mix


Online Polling and Virtual Senteos


Computer Animation


Blabberize & Green Screens


Toondoo & Online Cartooning


QR Codes

Animoto Movie Clips


PSAs and Commercials


iPads in the Classroom