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Summer Maintenance for Raised Garden Beds

Soon school will be out and summer holidays will begin. Time to relax and enjoy! However, our garden
beds need to be maintained throughout the summer. Each family will be asked to donate one week to all the raised beds during the summer months. That would probably translate into about 2 hours per week per family depending on the water situation. There will be two families for each week to maintain all the garden beds and the top garden. Once the schedule is complete and shared, please contact the other family and coordinate your efforts however you choose. I will send home a letter giving details on what to do and where to find items once our schedule is complete.

Please select three weeks and place a 1, 2 or 3 beside your preferred week and a schedule will be created.  We will try to give you your first choice but please realize that we need every week covered. The schedule will be shared with all who sign up in case you need to rearrange your schedule. Please include a way that you prefer to be contacted; email, phone, text messaging and that you don’t mind sharing with others.

Phone a buddy to come help and enjoy the sunshine and stress-free time in the garden. I will be back and forth all summer so please contact me if there are problems. Email or text works the best. Mrs. Bogath’s home email is or phone 403-783-6644 or 403-913-4529 cell Thank you for supporting your child/children’s efforts! Happy Gardening!


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