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Eco Team News

Spring is coming thanks to the warm double digit days we had over spring break.  The daylight is getting longer and the sun has some heat in it. Makes everyone happy!  The smell of rich soil waiting to be planted and anticipation of another great year of growing makes everyone excited to get started.

Our Eco Team can't wait to get started!  The organizational meeting was held on Wednesday March 28 and it was great to welcome former members and new members to our team.

If you are interested in joining please contact Mrs. Bogath.

Our first field trip was Saturday, March 30 to Pofianga to build bird houses.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch, weiner roast and chili with wonderful sweet treats.  Thank you Ponoka Fish and Game for providing us with the materials to build the bird houses and the great lunch!   Dale Jess and Christine Frandsen made this a wonderful day that was enjoyed by all.

What's coming up…..

We have started our herbs and hopefully they will be ready to go outside by the end of May.  We are     hoping to experiment with cold distillation to process some herbs for the oil. We will keep you updated.

We have a big project we are beginning to work on for our school and hopefully across the division.

Again stay tuned for more info.

We hope you get outside and shake the cobwebs off!

Happy planning and hoping a great growing year for all,

Mrs. Bogath


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