Please use the self screening questionnaire daily to determine if you have any COVID-19 symptoms. Self Screening Questionnaire



Students registering for the first time are required to present some legal proof of the student’s name, citizenship and birth date. Documentation is required to prove legal guardianship for students who are not residing with their parents.

Examples of acceptable vital statistics are as follows:

  • *Canadian Birth Certificate *Visa *Canadian Citizenship Certificate
  • *Adoption Certificate *Passport *Permanent Landed Immigrant/Residence Document

The school needs to see the original copy. A photocopy will be taken and kept in the student’s record file. When registering at a school it is very important that you use correct legal names (as seen on the vital statistic document). Since a student’s academic record is linked to this information, registering under a different name may result in incomplete academic records for later use in post-secondary placement and employment resumes.


  •  Busing for any student including Kindergarten students is based on the distance from home residence to the school (Alberta Education Rules). Any student that lives over 2.4 kms (using approved Alberta Education software) from the school will receive free busing. Any student that lives under 2.4 kms from the school to home residence is classed as user pay and a Transportation fee will apply.

Age of Admission to Kindergarten

  • Every child in the attendance area who has attained the age of five (5) years on or before the last day of December of the school year may attend.
  • Legal proof of the student’s name, citizenship and birth date are required the first time that the student registers in a school.
  • Kindergarten program is a four hundred seventy five (475) hour program.