Emergency Response Plan


School Drills and Protocols

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Keeping Informed During an Emergency

When an Emergency Occurs


Schools are considered to be one of the safest places in our communities. However, in reality an emergency can strike anywhere at any time.

During any emergency, our first priority is the safety of our students and staff. In order to provide an effective response to any school crisis the Division has developed an Emergency Response Plan. This works in conjunction with other local emergency plans since a school emergency could require the involvement of numerous agencies. The plans created for individual schools, along with the Division Plan, are reviewed annually and after an emergency occurs.

There is an on-site emergency response team at each school, along with an Division-based Emergency Response Team, which provides support and aid to schools at time of an emergency. All staff is regularly trained on emergency protocols and drills are practiced at each school.

Although standardized protocols and procedures provide the basis for our response, the way in which we respond to an emergency is greatly influenced by the specifics of an incident. We are driven foremost by our concern of ensuring student and staff safety.

Our Division collaborates closely with local emergency personnel to ensure plans are coordinated with appropriate agencies. The Division’s plans do not replace the authority of law enforcement, fire or emergency medical services. All staff members work in full co-operation with these agencies.

For security reasons, certain components of our emergency response plans are not publicly available. However, this guide outlines the key elements of the Plan and answers questions parents frequently ask regarding emergency preparedness. I hope you find this guide helpful and informative.

We appreciate your support and assistance in our continued safety efforts.


Superintendent of Schools